Embed CivicFeed Alerts

One of the best ways to share your CivicFeed Alerts is by embedding them on your website. With CivicFeed’s Alerts Widget, it’s easy to display an updated feed of articles built from your alerts.

How To

Any paid user can easily generate the embed code for a given alert. Just click the gear ‘more’ option in the top right, the select Embed on website. Drop in the embed code and the widget will automatically update as stories that mention your alert are found.



You can customize the way the widget looks by changing the “options” section.

Limit: increases or decreases the amount of articles to display on the widget
Small: true or false - increases or decreases the size of the thumbnail
Highlight: true or false - shows or hides the text snippet, which includes the search query
Title: Changes the title that appears on the top of the widget.

*Note: a CivicFeed Paid Plan is required to enable this feature.